Geo Commerce

In “GEO Commerce”, we believe on connecting the assets and opportunities globally by making the goods and services exchangeable….

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Geo Properties

Geo Properties is a Geo Holding JSC family member, consisting of Geo-properties, Geo-Tours, Geo-Fund, Geo-Meat and Media Georgia.

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Geo Fund

GEO FUND is a Private Equity Firm, established in Georgia in March 2018. The company operates under the Umbrella Organization Geo Holding.

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Geo Kitchen

Geo-kitchen is incorporation that was founded in joint venture between Geo Holding as a well-known Georgian holding company …

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Geo Tours

Georgia Tour Operator Geo tours is a member of a bigger family – Geo Holding JSC, which operates in various business areas…

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Geo Finance

Managing different kind of Assets on behalf of personal/legal investors as a Private Equity Firm. create and start all business lines.

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Geo Meat

Geo Meat has been long and useful experience in exporting live animals and meat related products.Because single in word…

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Digital Media

Digital Media is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to providing excellence in Training in media…

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We all feel responsible toward our society, customer, supplier, partners and colleagues.


We live in a very competitive business world, in which only the creative ideas have chance to survive

Our Mission

Our main mission is to help GEORGIA to be more developed. In GEO HOLDING this mission is implemented by discovering the country’s capabilities, defining business opportunities, investing, attracting investments, creating new companies…

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Our Values

In “GEO HOLDING” we do everything professionally. Creating, managing and developing profitable companies is a combination of knowledge, art, experience and several skills….

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Our Business

As a by-product, GEO HOLDING is able to provide any single management service which uses for itself, on request to the potential clients. These services can be sold individually or together in the format of useful packages.

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Or Sector Policies

For big deals, GEO HOLDING uses the Leveraged Buy-out mechanism by the ability of borrowing low-cost money from several global financiers. This opportunity gives us the chance to deal with more and more businesses when it is needed.

Our Partners

Because of the diversity of capabilities and opportunities, we have to think about a very diverse portfolio of companies based on size, geographical, complexity, and business sector.

Our Team

Because of the diversity of capabilities and opportunities, we have to think about a very diverse portfolio of companies based on size, geographical, complexity, and business sector.


Assets Under Management


Happy Clients


Wide Range of Investment


Highest EPS

GEO HOLDING relying on its deep knowledge of Georgia’s legislation, capabilities, advantages, needs, limits and circumstances, as well as international markets and demands, is able to define a big list of profitable business opportunities. Therefore, most of its child companies are created from the idea step by itself. Despite this fact, GEO HOLDING welcomes any business idea from potential local or global partners.

  • Idea Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Naming & Branding
  • Corporate Governance

In some cases, when the core business of an existing company matches with the interests and plans of GEO HOLDING, to speed up our journey, instead of creating such company, we start negotiating with the current owners and managers to purchase that company fully or partially. Our portion in any case will not be less than 51 percent, to possess the voting shares and keep the management rights in our hands.

  • Existing company
  • purchasing fully or partially
  • keeping management rights
  • Leveraged Buy-out
  • managing Acquisitions
  • helping to upgrade

Regardless of a child company is created, acquired or developed by GEO HOLDING, its continuity depends on a professional management in all three spheres; we call as Marketing & Sales, Administration and Production. For the first two, we use a centralized management platform serving required services inside and outside the Holding, but organized as individual official companies, namely GEO Finance, GEO Marketing, GEO Legal, etc. And for the Production of goods or services each company provides, we hire dedicated in-house managers separately.

  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Studies & Planning
  • Market Studies
  • Sales & After-sales
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Digital Marketing

There are notable number of companies that currently are in the losing or negative financial balance situation, called Distressed companies. This can happen because of different reasons like Mismanagement, Lack of Resources, Misbranding, Marketing Mistakes, Cash Problems, etc. In such cases, after conducting a very detailed survey and professional risk analysis, if we recognize the chance of correction and development, we purchase the company in a nominal price with the purpose of turning it to a profitable and reliable business. GEO HOLDING benefits not only from the dividend generated by positive financial balance at the end of year, but also the value added to the shares of company by bringing it back to the profitable life!

  • Re-branding
  • Marketing
  • Product/Service Design
  • Sales Growth
  • Financing
  • Risk Management


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