A startup is… a home for “the crazy ones.”

According to Steve Jobs, startupers disregard ‘what is’ for ‘what could be’ and risk their livelihoods to achieve that goal, no matter the odds.

But what is a start-up?

Dictionaries define astart-up as a newly established company on its early stage of existence, but innovative concepts introduced in recent years see a start-up as a company designed to scale very quickly or a business model aiming solutions that are not obvious.

Now if you want to start a business, first decide what your attitude will be. Do you want to be a risk-taker or a risk avoider? Aim high but be patient. You will not become number one in one year. Measure your decisions and use every opportunity for growth.
The biggest mistake that startupers make is becoming control freaks. Learn how to trust your team, because you will not be able to do everything alone. If you delegate tasks, track progress and build a dedicated team.

You cannot fabricate something for somebody on the off chance that you cannot envision the world through their eyes.

  • Achievement does not rely upon innovation. It relies upon important critical thinking.
  • Find your 100 genuine fans, create with and for them.
  • Fabricate something individuals love, at that point center around the development.
  • Ship yesterday, gather criticism, repeat.
  • Solve a “Must have-fixed” issue.
  • Listen to clients.