Productivity Growth

The increase in productivity can be implemented as a strategy in numerous ways. Hundreds of highly intellectual books, publications and articles can teach you how you should plan, measure and control companies’ overall productivity levels, but real issue starts with you. There are a couple of indicators you can implement in your daily life and later create a more efficient working model for others, but first, let’s start with you.

  1. Track and limit how much time you are spending on tasks
    Research shows that only 17% of workers can estimate accurate time spent on a task. In order to avoid being in the rest, 83% of the group use an online project management tool. They are free and easy to use; they will tell you exactly how much you spend on a task or a project.
  2. Take regular breaks
    Some research suggests that taking short breaks increases performance. In other words, it lets the brain rest and grow concentration after the break. This way you can get a better perspective of the assignment and become more effective and creative.
  3. Follow the “two-minute” rule
    This is the idea: if you see a task that can be completed in less than 2 minutes, do it straight away. With this mindset, you can cut down time spent per task and feel less stressed by the end of the day.
  4. Quit Multitasking
    Yes, it is true that multitasking is an important tool to achieve efficiency, but if you are not a multitasker, do not try to become one. Instead, practice committing to a particular task before passing on to your next project.
  5. Give up on the illusion of perfection
    It is natural for entrepreneurs to get fixated on attempting to perfect a task–the truth is nothing is ever perfect. Rather than wasting time pursuing this illusion, complete your task the best way you can and carry on. Remember you can always come back and change it.
  6. Turn off your notifications
    It is very distracting when your phone beeps especially for work-related reasons. That is why it is recommended that you turn off notifications on your phone. Instead of getting disturbed during work, make time primarily for checking emails, text messages, etc.
  7. Implement
    After mastering the art of productivity, you need to teach others. Implement the same strategies in your employees’ daily life and track their progress.