We all feel responsible toward our society, the environment, customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues. We are aware of our commitments, common or specific ones, legal or ethical, written or verbal, local or global, unilateral or mutual, rather than those commitments will lead us to a financial benefit or not, and try our best to fulfill them. We strongly believe on the value of Reliability in all our relations.


In “GEO HOLDING” we do everything professionally. Creating, managing and developing profitable companies is a combination of knowledge, art, experience and several skills. We use different areas of knowledge and best practices in Management, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Strategic Management, Finance, Investment, International Law and specially Information Technology to achieve our goals in highest quality and satisfy all the stakeholders.


Doing business with integrity is always at the top of our corporate governance. We try to be honest, truthful and accurate, and fulfill our commitments based on moral and ethical principles and values. We believe that Integrity and honesty will guide us to the right way of success, specially in long-term. We give and earn Trust.


We live in a very competitive business world, in which only the creative ideas have chance to survive. From other side, to discover the opportunities, make profitable proposals, deal with serious commercial challenges, turn the losses of distressed companies to the profit, attract the investors, increase the market share, and any activity that we consider as our strategic advantage, the creativity is a must!


Because of the diversity of capabilities and opportunities, we have to think about a very diverse portfolio of companies based on size, geographical, complexity, and business sector. Our activities are covering different sectors and industries like Finance, Business Service, Trade, Tourism, Agriculture, Fashion, Art, Media, Health, Food, Real Estates, Manufacturing, Education, Sport, Entertainment, Construction and Energy.


GEO Holding will not be able to manage such a diversified network of companies, including lot of managers, employees, suppliers, investors, customers, businesses, experts, partners and teleworkers, unless having a strong code of conduct describing internal and external relations, duties and communications. Following all international and local legislations as well as internal regulations is vital for us!