Our Mission

Due to the strategic location, business-friendly environment, and talented young population, Georgia is considered a high-potential country for investors and business owners. After the end of communism, only a few countries like Estonia and Georgia have undergone fundamental reforms to attract the private sector. Having functional access to regional rail and road networks plus three seaports makes this country a great location as a logistic bridge between Central Asia and the West. 

The human capital of Georgia, especially the talented young generation, adds the appeal for investment and business opportunities to the country. 

GEO Holding is a Joint Stock Company, founded in 2018, that aims to integrate all its companies, activities, assets, and ideas and defines statements as its mission. 

GEO Holding’s mission concludes with these statements: 

Developing the country

Our main mission is to take advantage of different capabilities across the country to help Georgia to be more developed. GEO Holding plans to achieve this goal by discovering the potential, launching new businesses, running and developing existing companies with new strategic business models, improving their efficiency and productivity, enhancing the number of loyal customers and income plus more strategic plans to save businesses.  

Discovering and Developing the Capabilities

GEO Holding is a company that aims to identify any potential opportunity and develop it into a sustainable and feasible business using its tangible and intangible assets. This opportunity can be in the form of an idea, talent, real asset, product, service, money, time, location, skill, natural resource, knowledge, or wealth. GEO Holding is a professional business creator and developer that utilizes the country’s numerous opportunities to establish and expand businesses. Our mission is to create long-term, profitable businesses by investing in various capabilities and assets.

Holding and Managing a Network of Companies

To enter an opportunity in the commercial world, a company has to be organized. This is the smallest part of our big picture and is also our main mission to perform. We believe that opportunities come in different forms, including geographical location, industry, size, and complexity. Therefore, the companies in GEO Holding’s portfolio are highly diversified. They are organized in a disciplined manner to allow managers of each unit to be autonomous and powerful. At the same time, the companies can work together effectively through a network of companies instead of a hierarchy.

Carry Out Investment Projects

At GEO Holding, we strive to carry out investment projects that generate superior returns for our investors. We believe in building long-term relationships with our investors and providing them with consistent, reliable, and attractive returns on their investments. We are committed to creating value for our stakeholders by leveraging our network, resources, and expertise to generate sustainable growth and maximize returns. Our mission is to be recognized as a trusted partner for investors looking for high-quality investment opportunities and superior returns.

Creating Sustainable Jobs

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, GEO Holding seeks to empower people, particularly the younger generation, by offering training, skills development programs, internships, and other related initiatives. They believe that by investing in people’s skills and abilities, they can support the growth and development of their companies while also contributing to the social and economic well-being of the communities in which they operate.

Social Responsibility

GEO Holding commits to the protection of human life and respect for fundamental rights. We aim to show respect for people and communities, their cultures and beliefs, and to engage in an open and transparent dialogue with civil society representatives. GEO Holding acknowledges its responsibility towards underdeveloped regions, disadvantaged individuals, and marginalized groups, promoting equality and diversity. The company operates in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing harmful impacts and promoting environmental awareness among partners and stakeholders. Our company is committed to sustainability and upholding its social and environmental responsibilities.

Legal Compliance

Integrity and ethical behavior are the foundation of all our actions and decisions at GEO Holding Company. We adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and business ethics, both nationally and internationally. Bribery and corruption are not tolerated in any form. We are committed to promoting these values in all our business relationships and joint ventures, and we encourage our partners and stakeholders to do the same. Additionally, we aim to maintain transparency and accountability in our operations, thereby fostering trust and credibility with our customers, employees, and the wider community.