Mtskheta-Mtianeti comprises territories of historical and geographical provinces- Mtiuleti, Khevi, Gudamakari, and others- as well as the administrative municipalities- Dusheti, Mtskheta, and Kazbegi.


The bulk of the region is mountainous and it includes snowy mountains of the main range of Kavkasioni with great peaks and passes, beautiful gorges, picturesque lakes, and alpine valleys and meadows. Mtskheta-Mtianeti is interesting not only for its natural beauty, but also from an ethnological, intellectual, and nutritious point of view. There are 5 resorts and 64 curing water springs registered on the territory of the region. From recreational zones, the most famous and popular one is the Gudauri ski resort.


Mtskheta is a town-museum in Georgia; it was the old capital center of the Kingdom of Kartli. Later, when the capital moved to Tbilisi, Mtskheta retained the function of the seat of Kartli Church, and the spiritual center of the whole Georgia since the XI century. Until 1811, it was situated the seat of the Head of the Georgian Church- the residence of the Georgian Patriarch. Mtskheta is rich with historical memorials belonging to the archeological and Antique era, as well as the Christian era. Among them is the famous Armazi- the residence and burial site of the Royals of Kartli from the Parnavaziani Dynasty-, cathedrals of Jvari, Svetitskhoveli, Samtavro, monasteries of Shiomghvime, and Zedazeni fortress of Bebri. In a nutshell, Mtskheta is the home of up to 270 cultural heritage monuments of different periods.


The Municipal Development Fund of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia awarded a contract to the winner company, which was selected as a result of bidding conducted for Mtskheta master plan development. Standards and tasks established by them, considering the scope and complexity of the project, necessitated the involvement of specialists of various experience, competence, and specifics.

Under the Contract made with the state, “Akholi” is to prepare Mtskheta land-use master plan, area development regulation plan, rules for use and development of territories, and Mtskheta urban development cadaster. The master plan is to provide the arrangement of recreational and tourist zones, wastewater and drainage systems, and the updating of public transport systems.


As for Pshav-Khevsureti, this is the historical region. Situated on the border of Kartli-Kakheti, Pshavi is settled on the elevation of 1,000-3,218 m above the sea level. Historically-minded, Khevsureti has always been a guard for Georgia, a borderline region. For centuries, Khevsurs were reliable border guards of the nation against the invading enemies. Ever military alertness was the cause of the special architectural appearance of villages in Khevsureti: each settlement is virtually a stand-alone fortification establishment. The largest village and settlement of the region is Shatili. So-called the Hamlet of the Shatili is located in the Upper Khevsureti, 15 km from the town of Dusheti, 1,000 m above the sea level. This is the striking specimen of unique architecture typical for Khevsureti.

Tourism attractions

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th century), Samtavro Monastery (4th century), and Jvari Monastery (6th century) in Mtskheta are amongst the most significant monuments of Georgian Christian architecture and are historically significant in the development of medieval architecture throughout the Caucasus. Of special significance are early inscriptions, which form a valuable reference in the study of the origins of the early Georgian alphabet.

Svetitskhoveli cathedral

Svetitskhoveli cathedral

Jvari Monastery

Jvari Monastery

Samtavro monastery

Samtavro monastery

Abudelauri Lake

Here around, there is a natural wonder not know to everybody, but one of the most amazing natural wonders one can ever see- Abudelauri (Roshka) boulders, within the Abudelauri Lake. At its foot, there are colored lakes (2812 m) of Abudelauri Glacier (moraine) origin.

Bazaleti Lake

There are many wonderful places worth seeing in Mtskheta- Mtianeti, one of them is Bazaleti Lake. There are many reasons why you should visit Bazaleti Lake.

During the year, a lot of religious feasts and popular festivals are held here:
Gergetoba and so on.
In the fall, the whole of Georgia celebrates a popular festival in the village of Charge. It is dedicated to the great worldwide known and admired Georgian poet, Vazha-Pshavela. This festival is called Vazhaoba. There are 5 resorts and 64 curing water springs registered on the territory of the region. From recreational zones, the most famous and popular is the Gudauri ski resort.

In 2009, this ancient town was included in the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage Sites. It is worth mentioning the Jvari Monastery that stands in front of Mtskheta, on the mountain.


The biggest part of the Georgian segment of the Georgian Military Road crosses the territory of the Kazbegi municipality. Its administrative center, settlement of Stepantsminda, is the ancient town and the most important center of Georgia’s historical and geographic region-Khevi.