Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing is an important tool for business. Here, online marketing advantages and the most popular social media platforms in Georgia are introduced.

Digital marketing has become a major challenge for businesses, both small and large ones. Today, many companies wonder if the right choice refers to online marketing or offline marketing. However, developing communication tools requires adaptation to digital systems.

“If your business does not have an online visibility, it will always be out of reach,” said Bill Gates.

Offline marketing

To communicate with consumers, offline marketing/traditional marketing uses traditional media such as television, radio, banner, print media, etc.
The most expensive of these is television advertising. Besides, it is difficult and almost impossible to determine how many people have seen a particular ad and how many of them were actually part of the target audience for the brand. We should also consider the research of modern media company AT&T; the results show that 9 out of 10 people use a cell phone while watching TV and it naturally reduces the effectiveness of television advertising.
Other remedies are even less effective than television. Given these and other facts, we can say that in the age of technology, traditional forms of marketing are becoming less and less effective.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a good tool for businesses, given that the number of internet users is increasing. Moreover, it is getting simpler to reach as many target audiences as possible at a low-cost geographic area and get the desired results.

With this method, we can control whether a particular marketing strategy is correct or how many people the ad reaches. We can also strategize at the right time we want, unlike offline marketing where the brand is completely dependent on media outlets that have their own agenda and run advertisements within the deadline.

Online marketing is topical and is working well in many countries. Georgia is still in the process of development; in comparison with other countries, it results in lower costs of online marketing. For example, posts can be boosted for a much lower price than other places, even for $ 1 a day.

The most common forms of online marketing are:

  • Website (SEO Search Engine Optimization)
  • Mobile applications
  • Blogs
  • Internet banner ads
  • Online video content
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Email Marketing, G +, etc.
  • SMS Marketing (SMS MMS, ..)

The most popular social media platforms in Georgia


It is a leader among social media platforms, both in the world and in Georgia. The biggest marketing activities are carried out on Facebook.


When the majority of potential customers are young, companies choose an Instagram platform that is very popular in Georgia and is mostly used by young people, especially students.


YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google, so this platform is the best option for video material advertising. However, the combined use of Facebook and YouTube channels have a very high result.


LinkedIn is specific and is particularly effective for B2B advertising. Its purpose is to build and develop professional relationships.


This platform is relatively less popular in Georgia, though its number of Georgian users ranges from 20-45 thousand. Its priority is the rapid dissemination of information.


Pinterest is also less popular in Georgia; however, the number of its users is growing. Just like Instagram, Pinterest is mostly used by young people, especially students. The advantage of this platform is the ability to publish and spread hight quality photos.