Georgia is a country in the Caucasus Region in Eurasia; it was known as the Republic of Georgia until 1995. It is located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia. Georgia is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, to the southeast by Azerbaijan, and to the north by Russia.
The Capital city of Georgia is Tbilisi.
Territory: 69,700 square kilometers.
Population: about 3.718 million.

Georgia is the Unitary Parliamentary Republic; the government is elected through a representative democracy.
Language: Georgian

Religion: The Georgians officially adopted Christianity in the early 4th century.

During 70 years -from 25 February 1921, until 9 April 1991-, Georgia was a member of the Soviet Union.

26 May is the Independent Day of Georgia.

Georgia has a very strategic location for doing business and investment. This country is like a bridge for several meaningful economic regions with convenient access to the Black sea. Georgia is a vital gateway for West markets to Central Asian and Caspian markets and vice versa.

Modest by the scale of Economy, Georgia still avails of a variety of investment opportunities into business and economic sectors: 

  • Highest Export Potential – energy,
  • Free Tourist zones, Very Interesting and Beautiful Nature and Different Seasons – Tourism,
  • Featured by steady growth over the number of years – Finances and Banks,
  • Reliable and high-quality medical services,
  • Real estate as a rapidly evolving industry,
  • Free Industrial Zones.

Georgia is a country where starting a business is actually the easiest. You can establish a company in just one day and start a business in our country. Respective credentials are backed up by Forbes, World Bank, Heritage Foundation, etc. Georgia was recognized as the number one reformer in the field of business in 2005-2010.

Georgian legislation provides security for your business and is the main guarantor.

A very liberal and comfortable environment and hospitable friendly Georgian people are some of the important factors for starting a business in Georgia and investing there.