Beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls, landscapes, cave monasteries, history at every corner, delicious snacks, winemakers, and locals with good hospitality are all that you will find in Kakheti.
Kakheti is a region of western Georgia that started forming in the historic province of Kakheti and in the small mountainous province of Tusheti, in the ‘90s.

The region consists of eight administrative districts:

  • Telavi
  • Gurjaani
  • Qvareli
  • Sagarejo
  • Dedoplistsqaro
  • Signagi
  • Lagodekhi
  • Akhmeta

Kakheti is bordered by the Russian Federation to the northwest, Azerbaijan to the southeast, Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kvemo Kartli to the west. In Kakheti, as in other regions of Georgia, Kakhetian dialects are spoken.


Kakheti has been ruled by invading countries for a long time. It was for Mongols, Persia, Russia, Turkey, and finally part of Georgia.

Kakheti has been an independent mountain since the late eighth century. Only David the Builder was able to unite Kakheti with his kingdom and thus unite Georgia. In 1918-1921, Kakheti was part of the Democratic Republic of Independent Georgia.

After the independence of Georgia in 1991, Kakheti was a region of the Republic of Georgia. Telavi is its capital.


Kakheti has traditionally been subdivided into four parts:
Inner Kakheti to the east of Tsiv-Gombori mountain range, along the right bank of the Alazani River;
Outer Kakheti , along the middle Iori River basin;
Kiziq’i, which is located between the Alazani and the Iori; Thither Area, on the left bank of the Alazani.
It also covers the medieval region of Hereti, the name of which was gradually forgotten after the 15th century.


Kakheti is known as the homeland of wine. Here, the winemaking tradition dates back to 6000 BC. The traditional method of making wine is still used today; it is made in clay pots- pitcher- and it creates unique and aromatic wine. The art of pitcher making is passed down from generation to the next and it is a UNESCO heritage. Kakheti International Investment Forum 2019 aims to discuss the prospects of future investments in Kakheti that is the most prominent viticulture region and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. This increases market demand and opportunity for investors.

Tourism attractions

Wine is not the only thing that Kakheti offers. The region’s rich history has preserved many unique architectural patterns. These are some of the best examples of church architecture:

  • The Town of Telavi
  • Alaverdi Cathedral
  • Tsinandali Museum
  • Shuamta Monastery
  • Sighnaghi Town
  • Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino
  • David Gareja Cave Monastery
  • Gremi Church
  • Nekresi Monastery complex
  • Ikalto Monastery
  • Ninotsminda Monastery
  • Kvelatsminda Church

Tsinandali Museum


Alaverdi Cathedral


Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino


Ikalto monastery


Future plans

In Kakheti, there are local balneotherapeutic health resorts located in Gurjaani and Sagarejo. However, their potential has not yet been realized. There are rare microclimate sites here, such as the village Mariamjvari, the Tsiv, and the Kodai Mountains. These places should be well researched and should be given a tourist destination. The region makes it a convenient transport corridor, especially close to Tbilisi and its common border with Azerbaijan. This provides a solid basis for economic cooperation between the two neighboring countries.