Geo-kitchen is incorporation that was founded in joint venture between Geo Holding as a well-known Georgian holding company and “Canafood Group” as a Canadian professional hospitality and foodservice consultant and project manager.

Our Service starts from concept to design, procurement, construction, commissioning, training, and PM for the following projects:

Central Catering

Kitchen and Canteen in Hospital, Camps, Universities

Restaurant (Fast Casual, Casual Dining, Fine Dining)

Fast Foods



Coffee Shops

Gelato & Ice Cream

Food Truck, Food Street and Kiosk

Kitchen to Go and Temporary Kitchen

Geo Kitchen expertise to developing master planning, process design, equipment layout, and process organization according to ISO 22000, HACCP regulation and hygiene standards. Our experience with our knowledge about area culture provide an optimal, reliable and cost-effective solution in this field, we also supply the equipment’s for the projects by different suppliers in Europe and US.

Our Reference in special large scale catering (more than 35,000 meal/shift) with modern technology make Geo Kitchen as a leading company in this field in this area.