Establishment management

Mission & Vision

When you know what you want to sell, think about how you can benefit society and the environment around you. For example, if your business includes a lot of office work, try using minimum paper or plant a tree every month with your coworkers. Always start a small increase step by step. In addition, make sure your employees understand the company’s mission and vision and respect the aim of the work.


Before registering a company, make sure to have a bulletproof business concept. Create a little focus group and try pitching your ideas to them. Ask your mentors for advice. Be prepared. For some people starting from scratch, it can be a hustle. If you are one of those people, we suggest buying an existing company.


Before starting an actual production, find out who your suppliers are and how you can trust them. Maybe, importing is more efficient than buying locally. Understand who your future partners are and how you can establish good relationships with them.

Communication channels

Communication is the major activity you and your employees will be engaged in. How can you communicate with the rest of the world? Do you need a landline or online platform access like skype? Do you need a professional website or having a social media page is enough? If you know who to talk to, then you can identify ways of communication.

Management structure

Identifying a management structure will help you correctly choose your legal entity type. Underlining the importance of a good team and effectively distributing roles is crucial as well.