Corruption in Georgia remains as a challenge again

According to the research by the non-governmental organization, Transparency International Georgia, “corruption remains a significant challenge in Georgia.”
As we read it, the abuse of power by officials in Georgia for personal gain is still widespread, but the authorities are not responding properly. Cases of petty corruption are extremely rare.
The research was published in April 2019. The survey was conducted from February 20 to March 5 of this year. In total, 2087 people were interviewed across the country, with a margin of error of + – 2.3%.
According to the survey, 1% of respondents in the last 12 months had a case where they or their family members were asked to pay a bribe in exchange for public services.
59% of respondents think that abuse of power by officials is widespread in Georgia and 36% think it is common to achieve personal goals.

In the research, respondents report that the goals of abuse of power are also mentioned. According to them, it is common to employ family members and relatives (91%), protect their own or relatives’ businesses (86%), misuse of budget funds (79%), bribes to settle different cases (58%).
Are public officials abusing their posts for the following purposes? (%)

The majority of respondents (52%) believe that it is common for companies with links to public officials to be favored in the public procurement process.
51% think that instances of corruption are not investigated properly when they involve high-ranking officials or influential individuals with links to the ruling party.
Respondents (31%) said that the main criterion for employment in the civil service is familiarity, not professionalism.