GEORGIA is country of opportunities. It enjoys a strategic location, a business-friendly environment, and a talented and enthusiastic young generation.

After a long era of communism, all post-soviet republics should find their unique way of success in the world of Free Economy. Only few countries like Baltic States specially Estonia, and only Georgia in Caucasus and Central Asia have been brave enough to make very fundamental reforms and become attractive environment to the Private Sector

Georgia benefits from one more attraction; the unique location as the logistic bridge between the Central Asia and the Western part of world, by owning three sea ports in Black Sea and access to the regional rail and road network.

By adding the Human Capital of the country, considering the potency of new generation, everyone can see that Georgia is attractive enough to invest and start a business, or acquire and maintain one, to make reliable profit!

We are a team of Georgian and non-Georgian residents, who believe on the country’s economic future, and trying to thrive our share in this growing economy.

GEO HOLDING is a Joint Stock Company, registered in 2018 to integrate all our companies, activities, assets and ideas, defining following Statements as our Mission:

Developing the country

Our main Mission is to help GEORGIA to be more developed. In GEO HOLDING this mission is implemented by discovering country’s capabilities, defining business opportunities, investing, attracting investments, creating new companies, developing existing companies, growing their sales and incomes, improving the efficiency and productivity, creating or saving jobs, empowering the work force, and any other strategy.

In early future, we will start the Regional Development Projects. We strongly believe that each region of Georgia is granted lots of brilliant natural capabilities to make it full of rich!

Discovering and Developing the capabilities

In GEO HOLDING, we try to find any kind of capability to build an opportunity on it, make it sustainable and feasible, and finally develop it as a permanent business by investing our tangible and intangible assets.

These capabilities can be in any kind of Idea, talent, real asset, product, service, money, time, location, skill, natural resource, knowledge or wealth.

GEO HOLDING” is a professional Business Creator and Developer based on the GEORGIA’s opportunities.

Holding and Managing a Network of Companies

Each opportunity for entering the commercial world, first of all has to be organized as a Company. This is the smallest unit of our big picture, and can be created by GEO Holding or acquired by it. But in any case, we possess the majority shares of that to be able to manage it.

The opportunities vary by geographical location, industry, size or complexity, and the companies will be very diversified then. So, they should be organized on a disciplined way on which the managers of each small unit can be free and powerful, and at the same time, the related companies be able to work together intensively. We create this atmosphere by defining a network of companies, not a hierarchy!

Creating Sustainable Jobs

By creating or developing profitable companies, we target to make or maintain more and more jobs. These job opportunities cover a big range of positions and abilities, but the biggest share will be suitable only for skilled and educated people. So, as a part of our contribution to the society, we aim to empower people especially young generation by training, providing skills development programs, internships, etc.

Social Responsibility

At GEO HOLDING we believe that the protection of human life has the highest priority. We respect the fundamental rights of every human being and we strongly care about protecting such rights and social standards.

We aspire to respect people and communities, their culture and believes wherever we operate and act, not only in the interest of the organization but also consider the interest of society. We engage in open and transparent dialogue and consultation with communities and other representatives of civil society. We feel responsible toward the less-developed territories, poor people, disabled persons, and other deprived parts of the society. We believe on Equality despite the gender, race, nationality, religion, etc. 

We conduct our activities in an ecologically responsible manner. It is our endeavor to use energy and natural resources efficiently, to avoid environmental pollution and advance the environmental awareness of our partners in order to minimize harmful effects.

In all our activities, we strive for sustainability and face up to our socio-environmental responsibility.

Legal Compliance

Ethical conduct and integrity build the basis for all our operations. We comply with all applicable national and international laws, rules and regulations as well as business ethics at all times. At GEO Holding we condemn bribery and corruption in all forms. We also promote these principles in our joint venture activities.