Business Registration

An individual Entrepreneur is a physical person who carries out the entrepreneurial activity and is registered as an entrepreneur at the registry. That person shall be personally liable to creditors with all of his/her assets for all obligations arising from his/her entrepreneurial activity.
The entrepreneurial activity shall be a legitimate and repeated activity carried out independently and in an organized manner to gain profit.

Individual’s artistic, scientific, medical, architectural, legal or notarial, audit, consulting (including tax consultants), agricultural or forestry activities are not considered as entrepreneurial activities.

Consequently, the person carrying out such activities is not obliged to be registered as an individual entrepreneur at the registry.
This service is intended for physical persons who wish to commence entrepreneurial activities. Georgian citizens, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons, may be registered as individual entrepreneurs.

Registration is a record of information regarding establishment, changes to the registration data, and/or termination of registration in the Registry of Entrepreneurs and Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entities based upon making the relevant decision. Individual entrepreneurs shall originate only upon registration in the Registry.
To register as an Individual Entrepreneur, please refer to any branch of Public Service Hall or any territorial office of National Agency of Public Registry and submit the following documents:

  • Application (to be filled in by front desk operator)
  • Proof of identity document

Payment of registration service fees may be done on the spot.

Note: If a person is registering as Individual Entrepreneur at the address that is different from the one indicated in his/her ID card and is not his/her property, additionally, the owner’s consent or a duly drawn up and approved contract to use this property (lease, rent, lending agreement, etc.) is required.

If you are a legal representative of an interested person, additionally, you need to submit a duly attested Power of Attorney and proof of identity document.

On a case-by-case basis, additional documentation or information may be requested to make a decision on a given case.